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Legal Liability Protection

Legal liability cover

Up to $100,000 for your legal liability if an accident happens which causes loss or damage to other people’s property or injury to someone.
Temporary Accommodation cover

Temporary accommodation cover

Up to $5,000 for temporary accommodation costs.
Keys and lock cover

Keys and locks cover

Up to $250 for replacement keys and locks – with no excess to pay.
Frozen Food Deterioration

Frozen food deterioration

Up to $500 frozen food deterioration cover.
One event one excess

One event - one excess

If one event causes you to claim on two or more of your NPI policies, such as your house, contents and vehicle, you will only have to pay one excess.

Optional benefits

Optional Benefit

Earthquake cover

Cover for your contents if damaged by earthquake, volcanic eruption, geothermal or hydrothermal activity or tsunami.
Optional Benefit

Gale, windstorm, hurricane, cyclone cover

Provides cover for loss and damage due to gale, windstorm, hurricane or cyclone. (Special conditions apply).
List of Approved Engineers to issue Cyclone Engineers Certificates (PDF, 206kb)
Optional BenefitPersonal effects
Covers your personal effects normally worn or carried by you anywhere in American Samoa.
Optional Benefit

Jewellery replacement

Covers your jewellery (not including watches) for its ‘replacement value’.

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